Nan- I am sure you already knew this, but…

Screen Shot 2013-06-22 at 8.11.52 PMIs she really about to admit this?

We eat out. A lot. More than I would like to admit. However, I defend this in saying what else are young parents suppose to do? We are the first of our friends to have kids and so Friday nights (and Saturday mornings and late afternoons) can get boring. Of course, Sunday I have my morning Pinterest time and an afternoon Costco visit so eating out tends to be reserved to the other days. As cool as it may have been when I was living in NYC to bring babes to bars – here in Nashville we are limited to a few “drinking establishments” and to avoid a Child Services Call (or at least a lot of dirty looks) they tend to kick minors out by 9. So here we have it. D, Flynn and I venture out to various restaurants regularly and I have decided to start a blog about the restaurants we attend…and how well the establishment (and their patrons) welcome my 14 month old flinging his broccoli across the table. Now maybe once my friends join us in the kids department (or I tackle the 2013 goal of making mom friends) I can start blogging about my kids cute outfits or DIY home projects. Until then…I will share my knowledge of restaurants with playgrounds nearby.

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