The Elf May No Longer be on the Shelf, but…


Valentine’s Day is Right Around the Corner!

Growing up, we lived in a Philadelphia row home with a huge, front bay window. Every holiday my mom would decorate the window…and I mean every holiday (Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving, St. Patty’s Day, Memorial Day). Didn’t matter the holiday – the window was dressed to the nines. And if I think about it the mantle was done up too. My mom knew how to do holiday decorating from the Current window clings to inflatable shamrocks or hearts or turkeys or santas…you get the picture.

Last year was my first year as a mom and let me tell you I failed holidays. I didn’t even get poor Flynn a Halloween costume and forget an Easter basket. Between planning our wedding (yes baby came before marriage) and working a full time job- you were lucky I remembered all the parts to the pump everyday. (Good thing Target was down the street from my job for the days when I forgot some part).

With the privilege of being a stay at home mom, I am determined to get holidays right. And so I developed a Valentine’s Tradition. I am going to share the plan here in case Flynn or Nola end up in therapy and I can show them this and say “well I had every intention of being a good mom”.

So the plan goes…There will be a Valentine’s Day Kickoff on February 1. When Flynn (and Nola) head downstairs on February One there will be a new Valentine’s Day chair backer (similar to the PB Kids one, except Nan is in process of sewing them up for half the cost..I hope). Each morning there will be a small Valentine’s related present and a small note. The first few days will include things like Valentine’s Day PJ’s or V-Day book or cup. Other days may have small trinkets like matchbox car or crayons, etc. On Feb 14…Flynn will come down and there will be a smaller wrapped present and little celebration planned. So off to find some cute Pj’s…

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.07.47 AM

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