Week in Review

Do I have to Drive Myself out of Here?

Do I have to Drive Myself?

One of the things I learned over the past five months as a Stay-at-Home mom is I hate the stay-at-home part. I mean I love being home with my kids and not one day do I miss working, but I cannot stay in the house. A few short weeks ago, when it was just Flynn and me, we went somewhere every single day from the library to Please Touch Museum to lunch with Gigi. In the warmer months, we went to the pool nearly everyday even if for an hour before dinner.

Now with this fantastic Artic Freeze making me question my southern departure I have been homebound. Oh that and the birth of Miss Nola…those combined have pretty much kept us trapped.
By the end of this past week, Flynn was packing the car for me. At one point, he said Bye Bye Baby, Let’s Go Mommy and sat by the garage door, keys in hand, happy to leave his new sis behind.

Although we have been a few places since Nola’s arrival, it is definitely not an everyday thing. More like a weekly-ish thing. This past week, as soon as the temperatures ventured into the double digits, I vowed to get out and about again before one or all of us lost our mind. I am sure anyone else with a kid or two or twenty who was trapped this week is looking for winter ideas and so I will post my weekly review on Saturday’s of the places I traveled…two in tow throughout the week. Since I don’t really Brunch with Babes right now, this is the next best thing.

Event #1: Bucks County Children’s Museum(Cost: $7 per person, half price if you have Please Touch Membership +around $2 to park)

Lights in the Cubby

Lights in the Cubby

Digging Adventure

Digging Adventure

Flynn and I traveled to the BCCM in New Hope, PA on Thursday morning. We have been here a few times before and it is half price if you have a Please Touch Museum Membership. They also offer their own memberships as well. It was a a busy morning with 10-15 kids and their moms. When I pulled up and saw all the moms going in I was nervous it would be packed as it is not a huge place. However, once inside it never felt packed and was actually nice to have some other moms around to chat.

The museum offers three rooms with various things in each. Flynn loves racing the cars along the wall track and this ball activity. He also loves going under the slide/clubhouse and playing with the over sized Light Brite. We spent around 2 hours (10-12) and I had to convince Flynn it was time to leave. It was definitely clearing out around 12, so if you are looking for a lighter time to go I say go in the afternoon! This was all and all an easy place to let Flynn roam while carrying Nola in the carrier (although a stroller would have been fine in the space too). This is quickly becoming a good to place for the winter months.

Event #2 Library Adventure

(Cost – Free)

A visit to the library is a regular occurrence for us. We typically hit up the Langhorne library or the Yardley library because both has some decent kids toys and an open children’s area with good seating. Today I decided to explore a new library, Southampton Library, to see what toys and play area they had setup. When we arrived I realized the kid’s space is pretty small, but the book selection was huge. They had a lot of great kids books crammed in to the space making no room for anything else. They did have TONS of old wooden puzzles that were great for Flynn and had some really awesome old, heavy wooden cars and trucks. There really wasn’t a space to sit and play with the cars or for the stroller I stupidly I decided to bring in, but Flynn enjoyed pushing the cars along the window seat area while I grabbed a few new (or repeat) books (Dino-Basketball, Llama Llama’s, Pete the Cat and some Valentine’s numbers of course). He also enjoyed running at full speed up and down the book aisles and playing hide and seek when it was time to leave. Two activities I fully supported, but probably shouldn’t have given the look on the librarian’s face.
All in all, I don’t think we will be returning to this library just because some of the other library’s have better space and a few more toys to keep Flynn entertained.

Event #3 – A Trip to Toy’s R Us (Hey It killed time)

(Free…well I spent some gift cards)

Flynn had some gift cards to spend and so we went and walked the aisles of Toys R Us. For most people, the trip would have been 20 minutes, 30 tops. However, Flynn found himself a nice, pink, princess cart and he followed me around as we checked out the beautiful, BPA-filled, plastic toys. We also stopped at the Thomas Train set they had out and played for a good 15 minutes before Flynn took off running towards some loud, dancing Elmo* (who may or may not have made his way home with us). I want to write Toys R Us a letter and ask for them to add a parent chair near the trains because that would have made this trip a four star journey!

*Flynn developed a love of Elmo without ever seeing an episode of Sesame Street. I hate Elmo. And his friend Mr. Noodle. We have since seen Sesame Street…many times. Too many times.

What will be take on next week? Who knows, but I pray one of them ends up being outdoors…or at least in a well lit arena, possibly with a comfy chair for Nola and me.

One thought on “Week in Review

  1. Hahaha! Stella has an unexplained obsession with Mickey Mouse (also having never seen the cartoon)! We bought her a stuffed Mickey in Chicago and she carries (or rather… drags) it around everywhere with her- even at daycare! I think it is because both Elmo & Mickey have the most annoying voices in the word and they secretly know that they drive us parents bonkers!

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