Week in Review #2

Devising a New Exit Strategy

Now Boys and Girls

Within a few days of arriving home from the hospital with Flynn I had “mastered” getting out of the house. I developed a plan of attack for a variety of outings from going out to dinner to a trip to Target. Since it was April in Nashville with temperatures consistently above 60, I was able to throw Flynn in the stroller and hit up the farmers market, coffee shop or nearby park on a regular basis. The ERGObaby became my best friend and I had mastered feeding Flynn in public with little to no flashing.

Fast forward to baby 2, eleven weeks in and an exit strategy has yet to be mastered. There isn’t quite enough room in the diaper bag for two kids in cloth diapers; Flynn now needs wants 15 different snacks on an any adventure; plus there’s always a water bottle, wipes, wallets, spare blankies…you get the picture. Nola likes the carrier, but isn’t quite in love with the Ergo the way Flynn was. Same goes for a stroller and  the car seat. The girl really just likes to lay on me or on the floor on her stomach. This past week I attempted Target alone with the two kids because we had to check out the new Valentine’s items. (Don’t worry an update on 14 Days of Valentines is coming). I entered Target with Nola asleep in the car seat in the cart and Flynn asleep in the ERGOBaby. I left with Nola half dressed in my arms, Flynn pushing the cart and my boob half exposed (Nola needed wanted a feeding as soon as we left the baby bath aisle). I ended up standing, feeding the gal while Flynn sat on the floor of our lovely Target toy aisle pushing around some toy cars.  It was a great scene and I am sure the people watching the security cameras were scarred for life.

You would think this would deter this lady from ever leaving the house with these two again, but the thought of sitting inside all day is a scary, scary thought and slowly I am reworking the diaper bag and transporting kiddos plan to make being on the move more manageable. So here were the fantastic places we traveled to this week.

Masons Mill Park (Free)

Growing up we called this place Big Wheel Park because there was a little area designed to look like a town with lights and streets where you could ride around on your He-Man Big Wheel. It was amazing. Since the temperature got above 50 on Monday, Flynn and I headed out there pretty early, and when we pulled in it was just as amazing as I remember. There were three decent-sized playground sets. All of them were manageable for Flynn (20 months). In addition to the playground spaces, there was the awesome “Safety Town,” as it is called. Flynn loved riding his Y-Bike around and playing hide-n-seek in the area. After being the only people there for about 30 minutes, more families joined and it was really an awesome afternoon.

Bensalem Library (Free)

As part of my weekly outings, I always like to stop by a local library.  I often put books on hold before heading in, making it easier to check out and get some new reads for Flynn. This week we tried out Bensalem library just for the heck of it. It was a great library, maybe one of my favorites yet. The children’s area was wide open and filled with awesome toys for Flynn. They had a Thomas train set, a big wooden Activity cube, a kitchen set, a play table, puzzles, puppets…you get the idea. Nola’s favorite part was the comfy adult chairs. I mean a great, not so noticeable, spot to nurse…what 9 week-old could pass up that. My favorite part of this library was the lack of computers in the kids area. At a few of the other libraries, there are computers and iPads at kid’s eye level. Sometimes this may be awesome, but I am not really a huge fan of Flynn sitting in front of screens for too long and so it is a huge battle whenever he sees them at the other libraries. (Note: He sits in front of iPads and iPhones more than his fair share) Bensalem, thank you for putting your kid iPads out of site (although they do have them, if you want to use them).

Lulu’s Casita ($8 1st kid, $4  siblings + feeding the parking meter)

Flynn and Cousin Willa have been to Lulu’s twice now. This playcafe located in Ardmore, right near Brownies East for those of you who remember “those” days. I actually couldn’t believe today that here I was taking my kids to an indoor playspace, when a few short years ago I would have been pulling up to recover my credit card I left at Brownies the night before. Moment of nostalgia … Now Back to Lulu’s.

Today, Lulu’s was really crowded with two birthday parties happening. However, despite the larger crowd (when we went on a weekday it only had a few other kids), it was still really enjoyable. Flynn and Willa lasted over three hours and only stopped once for some snacks. As my kid downed his 108th Cheddar Bunny, the lady did inform us they don’t really allow outside food, but did have food for purchase. The little coffee bar had some Annie’s snacks, mini Noosas, and salad-like items for purchase. Plus coffee, tea and juice. After refueling, Willa and Flynn hit up the ball pit, slide, hanging swing, train set and other toys located in the play area. The playspace isn’t huge, but it has a ton of quality items. Nola took advantage of the mother’s corner and had herself a snack out of the eyes of the many fathers who joined their kids this fine Saturday. Lulu’s is a great place and if we lived a little closer I would definitely take advantage of the 10 play pass card for $50 (we still may, despite the 40 minute drive).

Not sure what is planned for next week, but with the Polar Arctic Express (or whatever it is called) making a return, I am sure we will be looking for some fun outings to fill the winter days. And Nola is always down for finding new places to stop and have a quick bite all in the name of embarrassing her mother.


I don’t know what my mom is talking about.

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