Valentine Outfits Here we Come

Now If I can just find this leotard (Julie circa 1988)

Now If I can just find this leotard
(Julie circa 1988)

And these shades (Me circa 1986)

And these shades
(Me circa 1986)

Over the past few weeks, I have become obsessed with making an awesome Valentine’s Day Week Two Weeks. I was wondering why I decided to get really in to this holiday that I really hated for a good part of my life (even when I had someone to be my Valentine). I thought maybe now that kids were involved I had a new found love because I used to love when my mom would make the Valentine (and Christmas) card box for school. Or maybe because I think all the heart stuff is adorable and now with a girl I can safely purchase the adorable outfits. However, as I do more online shopping, crazy Target runs and nagging Nan to embark on various sewing projects I realized that my new found love for Valentine’s Day is really because it is the holiday right after Christmas.

I love christmas. A lot. My family loves Christmas. Despite many of us being married and having kids, we still lined up age order at the stop of the stairs and waited for Nan’s ok to head down to open gifts. This past year, was a change for us. My older brother and his family were stuck in LA due to his residency. My sister and her family did come over later in the morning, but this year she started to make her own traditions at home. My little brother had work. So Christmas morning was just my family, my parents and Claire. It was nearly half the number of people as years past. And it was weird. Flynn had a grand old time and it was exciting making newish traditions with him, but it was hard to let go of my childhood traditions. It was odd to not have everyone there opening 900 presents, eating a delicious Claire/Michael made breakfast and passing out to Netfix movies. The typical post Christmas sadness, was a little harder this year. And so out of that loss…came my desire need to have another amazing holiday that takes away the After Christmas Depression Hangover. So was born 14 Days of Valentines.

2012 Christmas Lineup

2012 Christmas Lineup

Taking on this holiday and spending time planning, buying and decorating has been really fun because there has been no pressure. There is no “perfect” way to do the decorating or “right” way to exchange gifts. There are no expectations other than those I set for myself. There will be no sense of loss when LA Cousins can’t make it home or Auntie Claire is off in Tanzania doing what she does (awesome things that is).

As I doing my Valentine’s Day prep, I received an email from the awesome photographer who did Nola’s newborn pictures. She was running a Valentine’s Day Mini Session on Feb 2. (SugaShoc Photography if you’re interested). For Flynn, we never had professional pictures taken, but it is something I wanted to do more of now with the two of them. We just signed up to have a Valentine’s mini-session in a few weeks and so the outfit planning has gone into full effect.

Here are some of my favorite finds for cute Valentine’s Day themed outfits for a mini-session or just to kick off the holiday (Valentine’s Holiday that is) season.

2 thoughts on “Valentine Outfits Here we Come

  1. That is Nice Tess!! My mom always was awesome at Valentines day for us, and being that my bday and Vday fall on the same week, it’s always been my fav time of year and I get excited to make it special for Scarlett as well. Last year we had heart pancakes and strawberry milk and filled the room with red, white and pink balloons. I got her a pink snoopy and a book. I haven’t planned anything for this year yet but I’m excited to!

  2. Yea. Last year I don’t think I did anything for Valentine’s Day for poor Flynn. It is a goal of mine to get good at holidays 🙂 I love your breakfast ideas! I am excited this year Valentine’s is near a weekend – makes doing breakfast and such a little easier!

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