Week in Review #4

I cannot believe that my “blogging” life is embarking on its fourth week in review. We have traveled from West Philly to New Hope to Bryn Mawr. This week I had a lot of consulting projects due and so our travels were limited. However, we did make it out to a few fun events.

Since it is a new month I am also posting a calendar of kid events for February. (It’s at the bottom of post) I usually keep something like this so on the days where we are looking for something to do or a new place to try out I can see what is happening.

Northampton Library

After Flynn’s massive midday nap on Monday, I packed up the kids and headed to Northampton Library. Although I used to frequent this library in high school, I forgot how nice (or maybe they had some new renovations) this library is . This kids section was my favorite so far due to its secluded location. I didn’t feel awful when Flynn loudly told me there were trains or ran over to the fish tank. This section had some comfy beanbag chairs that Flynn loved sitting in to read his new Llama Llama book. They also had a nice train table, a bucket of matchbox cards, blocks, puzzles and computers. The library also had a room setup for story hour the next day and it looked really cute with the craft and table arrangements. There were quite a few posters hung in the library promoting various story hours and play dates.

IMG_2193 IMG_2169 IMG_2185 IMG_2189 IMG_2170IMG_2174

Princeton MarketFair Moovin and Groovin

On Thursday we headed to Princeton Marketfair for a music session they held in the middle of the mall. The woman running it was really upbeat and had a some scarves and balls she threw out as props. Flynn was really timid at first, but he did enjoy running up and down the halls of the empty mall after the class. Oh and of course he loved the free milkshake from Bobby’s Burger Palace after the music session. The Movin and Groovin Music event will be held once a month for the next few months, with the next one being February 20.

IMG_2220 IMG_2221 IMG_2230

Barnes and Noble (Princeton Marketfair)

After the music class, Flynn and I wandered over to the Barnes and Noble that is attached to the mall. Barnes and Nobles, regardless of location, offer story hours a few times a week. They almost all also over train tables, lego tables and other toys set out for kids to use. Even though Flynn has his own small set of Thomas trains at home, he loves playing at other places and playing with the other kids.

IMG_2236 IMG_2235

Playing with the Car Books in Barnes and Noble

Playing with the Car Books in Barnes and Noble

I'm not impressed.

I’m not impressed.

Dad’s Basketball Game 🙂

Saturday we normally hit up a local indoor playspace or playground (weather permitting) with Cousin Willa. However, this weekend we spent the morning checking out a new loft complex in Fishtown! It reminded us so much of our old loft in Nashville and are excited about the possibility of moving there once they are complete. So after spending the morning wearing hard hats and walking around a construction site, we headed home for a quick nap before Dad’s game. Willa met us at the game and both kids were pretty pumped about sharing snacks and watching the game. Although, really they were just waiting for the game to end so they could run up and down the court for 15 minutes. If you ever need a cheap (or free) weekend event for your young sports fans, check out a local small college basketball game.

Willa intently watching the game!

Willa intently watching the game!

Ooo He Missed It!

Ooo He Missed It!

Running on the Courts (Nan took this photo)

Running on the Courts (Nan took this photo)

February Kids’ Activities

Click above for calendar of events for February!

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