The Nanny Diaries (The Story of our Thieving Nanny)

I debated writing this. It doesn’t make me look like the best mom. If anything probably one of the Top 5 worst, right after Casey Anthony and Falcon’s mom (you know the one who pretend kid was floating away in hot air balloon). However, this is part of my journey as a mom and learning from my mistakes (no matter how FREAKING HUGE they are). It may make the mom who just fed their kid Coco Puffs for the 8th time today feel better about themselves because at least you didn’t leave your kid with a criminal. Plus, Flynn may need access to this story in the future when he tries to get emancipated from us or is working with his therapist on becoming normal.

It all started out so great. We had just lost our first nanny to an illness and we were looking to find a new nanny to take care of Flynn and my friend/boss’ new baby (a la a Nanny Share). After many interviews at the food court in Whole Foods (and days with no nanny where I pieced together childcare, worked from home, or used sick days) , we found a young, vibrant and (what seemed to be) normal girl to watch our two little ones. It started out so great. She would send cute pictures of the two during the day, take the kids for walks instead of throwing them in front of the TV, and dealt with my cloth diapered, breastfed, clingy baby like a champ. Flynn seemed happy, and I liked that the nanny seemed happy to hold Flynn and get down on the floor to play with the kiddos.

Then the weird set in. It was right after Christmas break, and I was recovering from leaving Flynn again after a two-week break home where I got to play stay-at-home mom. The nanny mentioned that her bank wouldn’t take a check I wrote her before Christmas. I found this odd, but thought maybe it was because it was from a PA bank that had changed names, but the check didn’t reflect the changes. I gave her cash. And from that point on gave her cash every week. A few weeks passed.

Dominique and I had just received a ton of gift cards from our wedding shower and Christmas. I had separated all the cards (to write out thank you’s later) and then put the gift cards in another envelope by our “kitchen desk” area. We had debated how we wanted to spend the money, and one lovely snowday holiday from school, we decided to sit down to order some furniture. Dominique went to grab the giftcards and when he returned there was only one in the envelope. I figured he grabbed the wrong envelope and went looking myself (After yelling and getting annoyed at his lack of finding the “right” things). When I went looking, it was nowhere to be found. I searched high and low. Our house wasn’t big. We didn’t have a TON of stuff. I knew it was gone, but the only person it could have been was the nanny. I texted the nanny asking if she saw them, still not thinking she really could have done it, and she said no. I began blaming random people or thinking it was thrown out by accident. I knew full well that that was not likely, but I also was not willing to accept that the nanny had taken them.

A week passed and I had taken out cash to pay the nanny. I put her money out on the table Friday morning and put next weeks money in our coffee cabinet (don’t ask why I keep things there). Saturday morning, the nanny called out for Monday, and so I was going to have to pay a backup sitter. When I went to check the cabinet for the money to make sure there was enough cash for the backup nanny, it was gone…oh except for $20. I knew Dominique didn’t take it and it became apparent it was the nanny. I held out hope there was a logical explanation. I texted the nanny asking if she saw the cash. She said she didn’t. Well, lady, that was a LIE because you had made yourself a coffee pod (which was next to the cash) and left the mug in the sink (a mug that was also next to the cash). She would have been better off saying she saw it, but didn’t touch it.

So you all think she must have been FIRED her on the spot. And I would like to tell you I did. I would REALLY like to tell you that. But I didn’t. I called the family we shared the nanny with and explained the situation. We alternated houses and they had nothing missing so far. I felt like I looked crazy and I was freaking out because what was I going to do for childcare??  If I fired the nanny, I would have to miss work AGAIN. I had already missed so much work between the nanny calling out, not having a nanny for a period of time, Flynn getting croup. PLUS I had to miss more work for my upcoming wedding. We were on 900 lists for daycare and really had no family close enough to use. Plus, I wasn’t only making life difficult for my boss by missing work, but if we fired the nanny, his wife (or him) would also have to miss work! The nanny called out for a week with a spider-bite (don’t even ask), and I figured that would give me a week to figure out what to do. It didn’t. My boss (and friend) who we did the nanny share with said maybe if we just used their house, things wouldn’t go missing. I didn’t like it, but figured she was still good with the kids, so I can just deal with this until I can come up with another solution! Spring break (and my wedding) were right around the corner.

To be continued…hopefully after I get Flynn to sleep :)

Photo sent from the Nanny (Pre-Stealing)

Photo sent from the Nanny (Pre-Stealing)

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