We Actual “Brunched” With Babes

Green Eggs (Fishtown)

Flynn enjoyed his meal.

Flynn enjoyed his meal.

When I first started this blog thing, I lived in Nashville, worked full-time and ate out regularly. Then a few weeks later – I made my husband apply for a job in Philadelphia, moved the family in with my parents and quit my job. It was rather rash, but I mean when I moved to Nashville I pretty much decided in the end of April I wanted to move some new, applied to some jobs in three cities where I knew no one (Denver, Austin, Nashville), got the job in Nashville in May and was moved by end of June. I suppose there is a pattern.

With all that being said during this time in Philadelphia we don’t brunch much. Or ever. Perhaps when it is warmer out or when we move to being able to walk to places, but until then brunching is kept at a minimum. Except recently, my little sister was in town and an old friend from college was visiting so we headed to Green Eggs in Fishtown for some good eats.

So here is the rundown.

We had to wait a good while (it was one of the first warm Saturdays so young people were out and about). Flynn was entertained by walking up and down the street in the stroller and pushing his cars on the sidewalk. It is a busy street and breezy out so the wait was a tad stressful, but nothing that ruined the day. Had we been a smaller party I think the wait might not have been so long. x

Once we were seated, we noticed that they had our “large” group in two tables behind each other. Since the wait took a little long, Dominique had to run to recruit a kid at a game and so we were able to fit at the one table. Had Dominique been there it would have been annoying to not all be able to sit at one table. I will say this is the one time Dominique’s coaching duties worked in our favor since we didn’t need to factor him in to the equation. Sorry Dominique we will return another day!

Now for the meal. It was loud (which is perfect to drown out Flynn’s noise when needed). The food came quick. And best part – the food was delicious. Flynn had himself a pastry for breakfast (French Toast sticks with strawberries and whipped cream) and I had the Cheese Grits and Eggs. Both were delicious.

As for brunching here with babes – this wasn’t the “easiest” meal as the place is tight (I left the stroller outside and wore Nola), the wait was a tad long, but once seated the food was great and the atmosphere perfect for little ones.

I swear he ate more than whipped cream!

I swear he ate more than whipped cream!


Don’t come with a large group or anything over 4 people. The place is tight and the wait ends up being a little longer.

Ditch the stroller or prepare to leave it outside. The hostess is outside so we didn’t feel uncomfortable leaving the big bus (aka our stroller) outside. That being said, had we not been walking to Frankford Hall post meal, I would have ditched the stroller completely.

Ratings: (1-5 Scale)

Ease with Young Kids (Infants, Toddlers): 2 (If only have one kid then a 4)

Ease with Older Kids: 4 (Loud and Food comes Quick, but Wait might be a minute)

Food: 5 (Delicious!)

Wait: 2

Experience: 4

High Chair: Yes



Mater & McQueen joined us.

Mater & McQueen joined us of course.

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