Mason Mills Park

Mason Mill Parks

This park is decent. - Nola Dorey

This park is decent. – Nola Dorey

Playground visits are a regular around these parts. I have my go-to playgrounds and just recently I wanted to tape a sign on my dashboard that says “stay local” because I often end up driving far to a playground just for the hell of it only to end up sitting on 95 in some random traffic because traffic always finds me. Like the time my nanny had to be fired and I had to drive Flynn 45 minutes away (so 90 minutes roundtrip to work) to be babysat by Dominique’s family and ended up sitting on a highway for 3+ hours due to an not so pleasant accident.

Anyway, Flynn wanted to take his stolen Plasmacar (thanks Grace) to the playground. I didn’t really feel like apologizing for Flynn clipping kids ankles at Roberts Ridge, so we headed to Mason Mills because they have a built in “Safety Town”. If he clips kids ankles in Safety Town I’ll apologize, but maybe not feel so damn bad because you are suppose to be in there in a bike.

Ankle Clipper

Ankle Clipper

Back to Mason Mills and its greatness.

Mason Mills have three play structures. One is a smaller one great for the littler crowd. It is low to the ground, as small slides and only one open area for the kid to jump out of (that is low enough that no serious injury would occur). The second is a pirate ship that is almost perfect for the middle of the road kids. Flynn liked the ship a lot. It is a tunnel slide and a big Pirate wheel. The third structure is huge and has some really awesome slides. One was really scary and went straight down. Flynn had a good time in this huge area, but Dominique did have to do some stalking. Nola of course helped herself to not one, but two feedings during this time.


Scary Slide (Yes that is Dominique)

Scary Slide
(Yes that is Dominique)

In addition to the three great play structures, Mason Mills has Safety Town. Safety Town is pretty much a mini town to ride your bikes around. The sign states that the bikes should be big wheel style, but there were kids in there on regular bikes and riding scooters. I am sure on a busy day – illegal bikes may get kicked out as I did see some park attendants floating around.

The park has a few pavilions with charcoal grills, tennis courts, basketball courts and a bunch of fields plus a running trail. There were a number of parties setting up when we were there. You can reserve the Pavilions and Safety Town, which somewhat sucks because on Saturday Safety Town was reserved starting at 12 for much of the afternoon. That being said – this would be a cool place to have a party.

It wasn't misting weather, but that didn't stop Flynn.

It wasn’t misting weather, but that didn’t stop Flynn.

Notes about Mason Mills

  • Bring a scooter, bike or big wheel to use in Safety Town, although Flynn sometimes just likes to play hide and seek in there.
  • They have bathrooms. (Never used them – but I am sure once this Potty Training nonsense goes full blown they will be helpful).
  • Not sure if there is  way to check Safety Town before going, but be prepared on weekends especially for the mini bike town to be reserved. (You could probably call the Rec at 215.659.3100 x1039) There are never rentals on Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Safety Town Traffic signals are suppose to be on daily form 10-2.
  • There is a water mister there. It is not a full fledge sprinkler, but you can cool off using the big mister.
  • They have water fountains.


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