It never ends…Nanny Drama Part 3

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 10.25.57 PM

If this is your nanny’s living room, you might want to find a new nanny. (See my blanket on the left (and possibly the right)).

I thought my nanny story would only be a 2 part bit. I mean the saga ended last summer with a small check from the Nashville courts. However, I recently noticed a few more things missing  and well that started the whole what the hell else did the nanny steal saga again.

Just recently I dropped a few pounds, before you congratulate me – it was still Nola’s baby weight and I have like 900 million pounds to go or like 20. Anyway, I figured perhaps I could fit in a few of my older dresses and went looking for a favorite dress that was expensive and probably never should have purchased in the first place. But, I did buy it and I loved it and I wore it all the time in my former glory days. I realized I haven’t seen this item in awhile – not during the move, not when I boxed things up for Goodwill, nowhere. Then I realized it fit the bill of other things my nanny stole – expensive, had a bit of a “tribal” look to it, and you know wasn’t hers. This started me up again. I cried. I got mad. And since I don’t really want to harp on being pissed at god for all of this, I began to stalk her and plot my revenge Emily Thorne style. (For the record: I do believe in God. I am sure this isn’t is fault. And yes I know there are far worse things, but please let the girl have her moment. Thank you). Oh I also won’t be killing anyone or moving to the Hamptons.

While stalking the thieving nanny I found out a couple of things:

1. I think she works at a daycare. Which is scary because if you look up Davidson County Criminal Court you can find the court information from the check incident.

2. She’s engaged to a boy in a band aptly named something about thieves.

3. My duvet cover that she luckily didn’t steal – she has pinned on pinterst. Oh along with a few of the companies I buy leggings/headbands for the kids from (she doesn’t have children).

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 1.12.55 PM

The pinned Duvet.

4. My blanket (and possibly a second blanket I just cannot tell from the photo) is helping her living room “come along”. Yep bitch has a picture of her living room on facebook, with the caption “Our living room is almost complete”. (See photo at top of the post)

5. Lastly, I am angry as hell. The girl has stolen so many things, the worst being Flynn’s first pair of shoes (high top Tom’s) and the Portland onesie I had bought Flynn as part of a “memento” box of collecting T-shirts from every place he visits for the first time (Portland was his first trip). Oh and you my sense of judgement and security. And so I now need a lawyer because the criminal courts only got back the check fraud and apparently didn’t give her a record that would prevent her from working with children again. So any lawyer people out there want to help save the children from a this band of thieves (I will include her boyfriend, now finance, because I believe he was involved in the check business)


Portland Shirt.


At least I still have the cardigan.

I would like to say this is the last post about the nanny drama – I mean hell the previous post made it on some British website, grammatical errors and all. However, I know it is not my last moment dealing with this crap because I recently turned down two great job offers because I was nervous I couldn’t figure out quality childcare that made sense.  The thought of leaving my kids is so overwhelming that I am willing to shack up with my parents a little while longer until we figure something better out. I know great stuff exists. I had it for a few months in Nashville. I just no longer can trust my instinct. I mean the more I talk about things missing (and realize things a damn year later) the more people say, “How did you not realize these things were missing?” I can’t tell you the answer to that, except for do you know where every dress you ever bought is currently located? Did you think to inventory every scarf last night after the babysit left? That being said  – how can I trust my instinct? I mean, shit this thieving nanny, is now a preschool teacher at a pretty well-known daycare in Nashville, probably stealing kids jackets and lunch boxes as you read this.

So friends the moral of the story here is I am a bitter, angry, woman a year after the thieving nanny and I probably need to move on and find better things to do with my time, like hunt down another Portland onesie so I can keep the collection going. Oh and that my nanny is a stupid *itch.


Poor Flynn. This is right before the thieving nanny started. Now he has criminal tendencies due to her influence. Just Kidding. I hope.

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