Shady Brook Farm: Strawberry Festival


Flynn is currently cruising the house in a stolen plasma car crashing into his train set pretending to be a spy car from Cars 2. When he interrupts my blogging I use phrases like “McQueen you have to find Francesco before he blows up the race.” This buys me about two minutes before I say things like “Oh watch out, Holly. Here comes Acer and Grem”.

While this fun game of riding around Radiator Springs the kitchen occurs Nola is sleeping, wrecking our plan to get  to a play time at the library. The girl never sleeps when you want her too. It’s like she uses sleep to torture us all. You have a work deadline … no thanks I will stay awake. Oh, big plans for a library Stay and Play … I think I will take a nice 2+ hour nap. I think she hates leaving the house, which really doesn’t jive well with Flynn and me.


However, since Flynn is ruining the hard wood floors driving his plasmacar and Nola using sleep to ruin our day, I decided to blog about the sunny weather ahead by sharing a fun weekend event, The Shady Brook Strawberry Festival. Since I am the product of my mother I like anything “festival” and Shady Brook events are always fun for the kids. Any chance I can get to use the outside Festival Field area is worth it due to the multiple inflatables and the awesome jumping pillow. There is also a wagon ride out to pick strawberries for $1.99 a pound, a playground and go carts. I would say kids of most ages could be easily entertained for a few hours in this place.

The last time we went for the Easter Bunny Event, it was a great time. They had food vendors for an additional cost and some  art activities setup. There was a longish ride for the hayride out to hunt for eggs (and since Flynn really didn’t care about that we skipped it), but the lines for the inflatables were not too bad (and cleared out later in the day) and the jumping pillows had no line! So, if you are looking for something to do this weekend head over to Shadybrook Saturday or Sunday from 11-4 for a fun, family event. The cost is $5 per person.


*If you cannot make this weekend, check out Shadybrooks Event Schedule here. It is definitely worth going to use the jumping pillows, inflatables and hang around inside of the Festival Field.


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