Sister Cities Park


I was standing at the zoo watching Flynn stare down the escaped goats he was trying to pet, when I overheard two woman talking. They were talking about how they sad they were that summer was almost over and they hadn’t done all the things they planned. I was a tad baffled and confused. Summer? Over? It wasn’t even the middle of July! We still have all of August and then it is still nice out in September. Heck, I was at the beach in October last year! Slow down people and stop wishing away my favorite time of year. Summer doesn’t end officially until September 22.  With that being said, I do want to make sure to get in as many fun summer events as possible before Target tells me to back to school shop. Since that already happened with amazing One Direction folders galore, the goal is now before the Halloween decorations get put out!

For a lot of people in or around dinner time is known as the “witching hour”. Cranky kids, impatient parents, meltdowns, undone to-do lists, toddler tantrums…you get the picture. However, for this little family of four, witching our is 9:30 AM. If we are still in the house at 9:30 AM things get ugly. Really ugly. There are numerous requests for Cars Dvd (which doesn’t even exist in this house anymore as it has been returned to the library). When that fails, there are demands for some sort of SNAAACK, like morning ice cream with sprinklers. And by the time Flynn starts in on wanting an Ipad I about lose it, grab the pool bag, throw the kids in the car and head to the pool until nap time.

Because she loves the pool.

Because she loves the pool.

Some days we throw in the park or a quick trip to the zoo. Last week we returned to a park I loved in cooler months and found it to be even more amazing in the summer. Sister Cities Park is located in Philadelphia near Logan Square. It is a small park, but provides hours of fun between the pond, garden, cafe and fountain.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon around 3:30 and found a one hour parking spot right out front. We definitely stayed longer than an hour, but I could see the car from the park and was thankfully able to beat the ticketing people.

The Boat Pond

The Boat Pond

This smaller park packed a lot in with tons to do for the youngerish crowd (5 and under, maybe a tad older). You can purchase a cute little wooden boat for $5 (a larger one was $7), the cafe was open and there was plenty of tables open. I set up shop at a table with Nola, while Flynn ran around the garden, sending his boat down the water trail. I had known this place had a fountain and boat pond, but didn’t realize that the pond was like a kids swimming pool. Nola was not quite dressed for the occasion, but she eventually kicked it in the pool with a swim diaper while Flynn splashed about.




The afternoon was easy, fun and aside from a meltdown over some other kid’s Mater and Francesco car, a perfect afternoon. We will definitely be returning to Sister Cities Park soon and hope to make the most of it before the summer ends and the pond is replaced with Imagination Playground equipment and the fountain shuts off weeks before it really should (ie Labor Day shouldn’t end all the fun!)

We will be returning this evening for the weekly Thursday night Pairings on the Parkway , a night of music and much needed wine in the park. Don’t let summer end without trying out a day (or evening) at Sister Cities Park. Bring a blanket, pack a lunch (or dinner) or pick up some good cafe food at the reasonably priced Logan Cafe (click for Thursday event menu).


A few notes:

There is a life guard attendant who just monitors the pond/garden.

It is open until 8 PM daily.

The fountain is on one side of the park and the rock garden/pond are on the other with a cafe in between.

The cafe is open, plus there is plenty of grass areas to picnic.

Wear swimsuits and bring a towel or two. If your kid isn’t potty trained you want to bring some swim diapers as they require it for the pond.


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