Grange Fair and Other Weekend Fun


What shall we do this weekend, friends?

As many of you already know, I hate being inside. It’s torture. And this week I have been trapped inside with a teething, now mobile 9 month old and a toddler who throws more tantrums than Justin Bieber and Alex Baldwin combined. Oh and a ton of work because of course I would have a ton of work the week we return from traveling. 

When Dominique arrived home this evening, I threw some sweatshirts on the kids and hurried out of the house to nearest kid-friendly activity we could find. The Middletown Grange Fair it was. Despite the annoying traffic heading to the fair (which I was quite baffled by because I figured we’d be the only people there…apparently I was wrong!), the evening was a lot of fun. Flynn loved the rides. Nola loved the live country music (I knew the girl was suppose to be raised in the south!) Dominique loved the people watching and I loved the lemonade. and cheese fries. and funnel cake and…let’s not relive every calorie. my thighs will showcase them for us all tomorrow. 

So if you are looking for something fun (and at times smelly) to do this weekend check out the Grange Fair. There were little kid rides, big kid rides, contests, food, live animals, live music, people with interesting hair. A good time. 

If you are looking for more than just a little kid making a sheep prance around in a circle here are some other fun things happening this weekend:

Franklin Flea 

10-5 at McCall Schoolyard

Come check out some flea market finds while your kids hit up the newish McCall playground. 

Spruce Street Harbor Park

11-3 A few weeks back we hit up the Spruce Street Harbor Park for some beer, arcade games and park activities. It was a great night. Now add some Art Star Pop Up shopping to the mix and you made for a perfect Saturday afternoon, especially one with temperatures in the low 80s! 

ShadyBrook Farm Festival Field

11-4 If you read this blog (which there are like 4 of you) you may recall I talked about the blueberry festival and Shadybrook’s festival field. This weekend (Saturday and Sunday) festival field will be open form 11-4 with hayrides heading out to pick peaches and of course the bouncy houses, go carts and new playground. 

What are you guys up to this weekend? Anything fun? 

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