Nola’s 1st Birthday Mexican Fiesta


One of the things that I missed most about living in Nashville was entertaining. We loved having people over for simple get togethers filled with beer and easy food. Since moving back to Philadelphia (and shacking up with the parents temporarily for the time being), we have put entertaining on hold. Last Spring I began to plan a party for Flynn, but never really got anything together (other some cake on Easter). Growing up we never did “big” birthday parties. It was always cake and cousins, most often at a family member’s house. I loved it. Those memories were probably one of the biggest reason I convinced Dominique that moving to Philadelphia was a great idea. I was feeling the itch to recreate those at home parties of the 90’s and so Nola lucked out. The diva got a party.

We and by we I mean me decided to throw a little Mexican Fiesta for Miss Nola. Who doesn’t love Chipotle catering, margaritas and Mexican beer. We imposed ourselves on my aunt’s house, ordered some catering from Chipotle (which they screwed up, but I digress), grab some Corona’s and Day of the Dead beer, picked up some Jarritos and Mexican Coca Cola from a Walmart in Philadelphia and called it a day. One of the best things we ever did was we had Danielle and Jimmy from younglovemedia photograph the party. It was a great relief to not worry about taking pictures and just enjoy the food and guests. It was even better having amazing photos to remember Nola’s 1st birthday, as this chick is growing up way to fast.

While not everything was perfect, and of course with most family events drama came about, I am still glad that Dominique and I got to do something we love…entertain…while celebrating the one and only Nola Dorey.


(This post was brought to you by the fact that today both kids are napping at same time…Rare)

(These pictures are brought to you by Younglovemedia’s Danielle and Jimmy)

nola_08 nola_02 nola_01 nola_035 Nola_071october_064 october_061 october_065 Nola_073 nola_07 nola_06 nola_03

Party Notes:

Favors – Fiesta Fiasco Book

Cake and Cupcakes – Whole Foods

Catering – Chipotle Catering

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