Are you Sure you Really want the Paci-Fairy to Show Up?

Who would have thought that paci would ruin us years later?

Who would have thought that paci would ruin us years later?

Flynn has loved his paci since birth. It really made him an easy baby and has provided us a lot of relief over the past three years. A lot of relief and some funky teeth. Lately, Flynn was using the pacifier all day, every day and I was starting to worry I will never have the nerve to get rid of that thing. We had tried one night of “paci-fairy” crap, but after one hour of holding him through tears I caved. We tried the giving up for a gift, but he wasn’t interested. We tried just to keep it at sleep times, but some days he would lay at the top of the stairs FOREVER refusing to come down without his binky. I finally caved and said fine use it all you want and secretly prayed to the Lord for an answer. The Lord sure answered about 3 weeks ago by inflicting serious pain on Flynn. He had sores all over his mouth and tongue, could not eat, barely drank and sure as hell didn’t want his paci. It was gone. Just like that.

Now that his mouth has cleared up, Flynn asks for the paci a couple of times a week, but not in a crying/nagging way – just a “wish I could use my paci” kind of way. We are in the clear. (Lord I hope I didn’t just jinx myself).


But you know what else we are…we are in the DROPPED NAP days. My perfect little, 2 hour a day napper pretty much refuses to nap. Not even a car ride, which used to knock him out in a matter of minutes, works. While he is 3.5 years old, naps are not something he I was ready to give up, but here we are figuring out a new routine. Some days he goes to bed at 7 PM and sleeps normal for him (with a few night wakings). Some days he is so miserable that I can force him to sleep at a slightly later nap time, other days if we get in the car after 3:30 PM he will fall asleep, but then stay up until 11 PM. It is not a pleasant transition.  And sometimes I wonder if it really was worth the trade-off.


When I was Dr. Sears Googling weaning from the binky everything gave me tips on paci-fairies (never would have worked), cold turkey (tried for one hour and failed), giving to new baby (so he grows up to hate babies?), and the like. Nothing, however, mentioned what happens once it is gone. How your kid struggles to fall asleep and doesn’t love his blankie the same as he did before or how you kid will still ask for it a few times a week in a sad, depressing way. Nothing tells me how the heck I am suppose to survive weeks of an over exhausted kid struggling to fall asleep. I pray to the dear Lord that helped take this paci that this will all work itself out over the next few months days minutes, but I need to warn you all… before you have the Paci-Fairy drop by with a new Blaze and the Monster Machines truck – ask yourself this – are you ready for your kid to stop sleeping? If the answer is no – keep the pacifier and start googling Toddler Orthodontist instead.

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