Five Books Not to Read to Your Child At Bedtime


Every night Flynn picks out a stack of books to read before bed. Some nights, we read, I rub his back, he falls asleep. Other times it does not go so smooth and I have narrowed part of the dilemma down to these 5 books or shall we say type of books.

Books with Character Figurines

When you read books that also have character figurines you own you are setting yourself up for failure. The book reading will turn into a full out search party for every character represented in the  book. The sweet Level 2 Reader Paw Patrol book that was suppose to only take 2.5 minutes to read is now turning into a 25 minute playroom investigation for the missing Skye. Never ends well.


Books with Costumes

This is very much similar to above, however this requires additional outfits, outfits that often are not conducive to sleep. For instance, I thought the lovely book titled Good Night, Good Knight would be perfect for bed. I mean heck it has Good Night in the title. Except no. This book requires hopping out of bed and quickly locating all the pieces to 5 piece knight costume, including headwear before getting to page 2.

IMG_2327 2IMG_2475

Books that are Longer than the Movie

This is pretty self-explanatory, but pretty much steer clear of any book by Disney that is not a leveled reader. I never know how these books get into our collection. I can thank my wonderful aunt and godparent for passing down loads of books many of which are chapter book long Disney movie stories. These stories seriously take 25+ minutes to read and midway you wonder if the author of the book just did this to torture tired parents. Or perhaps just didn’t feel like summarizing so just went with the word for word translation. Either way – they take WAY too long.

IMG_2341 IMG_2476

Books with Catchy Rhythms

We got out this great book from the library that is short, sweet and Halloween oriented. Flynn’s favorite. However, this book always ends up being one of the last of the night and so the calming effect of the 45 minute Disney read goes out the window as your kid chimes in Bones, Bones, Look at the bones… OH NO. So catchy rhymes, funny voices, parts your kid likes to join in on – save those for the morning, otherwise you will adding a second 45 minute play by play of the Lion King just to get the kid to calm back down.

This book

Rabbit sleep

So many people write these reviews that this magical book put their kid to sleep. And to them that is amazing. However, with my both my kids this book was a signal that I was about to try to make them sleep. So they just got crazy and did everything in their power to ensure they did not fall asleep. Like locate figurines and costumes. The book actually had the reverse effect. Now perhaps you say my reading was not quite the way it was suppose to be, but oh no, I even played the audiobook. Those people know how to read and my kids were totally onto this Jedi-mind crap. And me, well I just felt like if I can’t even get this oh so popular book to work I must be doing something wrong. Until I whip out Disney Frozen and 160 minutes later my kids are passed out before Hans turns all nasty. Now that book – that book works magic.



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