Scootering Around Town (Product Review Time)


The Starbucks Red Cups have arrived, Target was putting up the Christmas cards the other morning and Christmas events emails have begun to roll in.  I usually am one to hold off on all the Christmas hoopla, but I have found in recent years, particularly with kids, that if I really want to enjoy the holidays, an early start helps. There are always so many fun activities, parties, crafts, decorations, gifts to buy… – that it is hard to narrow it down to just a few and even harder to fit it in in the short time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So I no longer am opposed to the early Christmas. If decorating before Thanksgiving means getting to fit in more fun outings in December than get me a tree and some felt decorations. It is a wonderful season and with two kids who are into the holidays (all holidays that is) I want to soak up every minute. Part of that fun (or in some cases chore) is shopping. I am hoping to share some of our favorite products or review a few popular items as the season progresses. I also hope to share our traditions-in-the-making and go to winter activities. One such product that is a big hit around here is the scooter.


Flynn was (and still is) a huge lover of his scooter. We purchased the YBike Scooter for his 2nd birthday and he has been hooked every since. As Nola started to chase after him, we decided to add a second one to the mix. I wanted to just go ahead and get another YBike because we have great success with Flynn’s scooter, as well as YBike’s other products like the Pewi Bike and Balance Bike, but had heard a lot about the Micro Mini so I explored that as well.


We went back and forth, but ultimately we went with the Mirco Mini 3-in-1 scooter because it had interchangeable bars – shorter for now and switch out to regular size as Nola grew. It also has a seat option that seemed neat. While all the options were great, Nola is currently using the regular size bar and wanted nothing to do with the smaller bar because that is Nola for you. When it came to comparing the two full size scooters, I actually think the YBike wins out in terms of ride-ability. It is a wider base that makes it easier to stand on and the wheels and brake seem slightly larger as well. I do love how the Mirco Mini has a removable bar, which I have used a few times when storing it in the stroller for longer rides. Both are easy to maneuver and Nola and Flynn quickly learned how to turn. When compared to a few other scooters this is my biggest selling point (how they turn and glide with the kiddo).


So overall we love the Y-Bike for its larger foot-pad size and easier ride-ability, but if you are looking for something that can switch out from a smaller to a larger handle bar (or the handlebar can detach for easier storage/travel) then the Mirco Mini (3-in-1) is another great choice. With both items I have found they were worth the higher price tag, but did I wait until they price dropped on Amazon and was able to find them $20+ dollars cheaper than currently listed. Micro Mini’s site, also offers promos from time to time, which at one point was 20% off.

PS: I just wrote about these because they are seriously two of our favorite products. We don’t make any money off of this, but YBike if you reading feel free to send one of these our way 🙂




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