Little Extra Savings During the Holiday Shopping Craziness


As you can probably tell from my list of favorite things – I like expensive things. It is a bit of a problem that I believe stems from an early age. I still have vivid memories of begging/pleading/offering my mother anything and everything for a pair of overalls (purple velvet overalls) from Gap Kids in the 3rd grade. No joke they were $70. I was in third grade many years ago. I never got the overalls, but shopping with my mom over the past 31 years I learned a few valuable lessons. One is that you never pay full price (or at least rarely), be patience and lastly buy quality items that will last (and can be passed on) rather than the cheaper items that won’t make it a season. She particularly believes this about shoes and furniture, but really she will spend more if the item is well-made and will last.

While I will admit to my shopping addiction, I have done a few things over the years to lessen the blow or “fund” l my nice things habits. Last year I got into selling my clothes/shoes/bags that I no longer wore on Ebay and other online resell sites. My higher brand items obviously sold for more, but many also sold for way closer to their original value. I also used Ebay to buy a few great items for the kids on Ebay – like coats and toys- with much success.

One thing that has provided small savings that have accumulated over time – is Ebates. Essentially you sign up for a free Ebates account, then click the normal shops you shop through their site (or even better a Pinterest like toolbar button) and the savings rack up. I seriously go to a normal shopping site and if the the Ebates toolbar button will light up green if the site offers cash back. I click the Ebates toolbar button and the savings begins. It always is nice because they will show any promo codes being offered or deals of the day. While I still do a quick google and email search to ensure there are not better promos out there – I find they often have the best ones listed. The savings go right into my Ebates account and every few months the cash back savings will post over in my paypal account for a nice sweet surprise (that I can then go spend on Etsy), I mean transfer to my bank account.

As you shop this holiday season – set up an Ebates account to watch the savings flow in and sweeten the pot just a tad. Everything from Nordstrom (3%) to Uggs main site (11% cash back!) to Hanna Andersson (3%) and Boden (2%), even Gap offers (2%) and my new favorite Backcountry (5%) to name a few. So head on over, sign up and enjoy the savings.




2 thoughts on “Little Extra Savings During the Holiday Shopping Craziness

  1. Yay – thanks! I signed up through the eBates link above and placed an order on today because they had some good Cyber Monday deals/freebies. They had 9% back! Plus, I got something just for signing up.

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