5 Reasons Potty Trained Kids Aren’t All They Are Cracked Up to Be


I have written before about my adventures with Flynn potty training. I wouldn’t even call it potty training, but more Flynn deciding to be done with diapers with a brief “trained” period followed by a few more months in the cloth diapers ended by a Flynn proclamation that diapers don’t cut it for him anymore give me some undies. When all was said and done he was around 2.5 years old.

Right at Nola’s 2nd birthday – she decided she wanted to wear underwear full time as well. Nola has been using the potty since 1. No joke the girl would use the potty for fun (or part of her night time entertainment routine) right after she learned to walk. Finally at two – she wanted underwear and to not wear diapers so we rolled with it. All was great at first – no accidents, but you did have to occasionally be like hey Nola why don’t you use the potty. Fast forward a month and just like Flynn, Nola is kind of over using the potty. And I am kind of over her not being in diapers. I am not going to go back to the diapers (just yet anyway), but I have compiled a list of 5 reasons I wish my kids stayed in diapers FOREVER. Or at least until they totally get the whole using the bathroom thing down pat.

  1. Your kid will forgot to pee on the potty at the worst times. Things will be going along great. No accidents, no need to constantly remind your kid “hey why don’t you use the bathroom”. You get cocky. You say to your husband wow this having your kid learn to use the potty business is really not hard. Then your kid will pee all over you at public place with change of clothes needed for both of you, but not a spare item around.
  2. Your kid will remember to pee on the potty at the worst times. Like six times at bedtime. And 30 minutes after falling asleep and at 5:34 AM. Don’t worry though because by 6:05 AM they will have forgotten that they are no longer wearing diapers and will pee their pants as you attempt to pour your second cup of coffee, but damn at 5:30 they will surely remember.
  3. Long car rides just became that much longer. Pre-kids you type your long distance travel plans into Mapquest and be like bah 5 hrs and 39 minutes I can totally do that in less hours. Post kids you are like “Lord, please let’s try do this in 6.5 hours.” Potty trained kids you are like God, please let me arrive there without a visit to the Hampton Inn. Seriously, Nola in diapers and I made the trip home in less than 6 hours. Nola not in diapers it took 8+ hours  and a few scenic bathroom breaks on the side of I-87.
  4. Cleaning a kid’s potty is gross. Like give me a dirty cloth diaper any day. I am sure once my kids graduate to using a real human toilet this “headache” will go away, but it seriously grosses me out cleaning out my kids potty seat. Every time I am wiping that thing with a Clorox wipe I am thinking to myself there has got to be Shark Tank idea here. Then I realize it is called the toddler size ring on top of the adult toilet seat, but my kids are seriously not a fan of that. Flynn flat out refuses to use that thing and Nola flat out refuses to do anything different than Flynn. So bring on the bleach and no sorry vinegar you won’t cut it.
  5. Public bathrooms are a hassle. Back in the day I could take my sweet diapered child to a cleanish area and change their diaper. Hello, Nordstrom’s mothers’ room. Now I play the game of which stall is the cleanest, can we all fit inside, please stop trying to flush that thing with your hands, No you cannot both pee at the same time, Nola please do not climb under that door there is another person in there, Flynn just please pee standing up, No, Nola you cannot pee standing up.  Why you ask? I do not know why take it up with God. And while you are talking to him, ask him about his reasoning behind the human bladder.



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