So you live in a dorm…with three kids?


If you follow along on instagram or facebook – you may have noticed that the sweet, window-filled playroom of our Lake Place cottage has been replaced with photos of my kids in a college cafeteria. A few months ago, we said goodbye to our adorable cottage home in Lake Placid and moved down the road (and away from civilization) to live on the college campus where Dominique works. While this opportunity has been on radar since accepting the job, the move was abrupt, which seems to be how we do most things in life over here at the Boone household – abrupt and while pregnant. It was probably a good thing we just packed up a truck and headed to Paul Smiths with no time to think as it did not give me much time to realize that I was leaving behind a 3 bedroom home with a garage and huge backyard for a 800 square foot apartment located smack in the middle of a college dorm. That is right my hall mates are 20 year old college kids who I share a laundry room and dorm lounge aka our “clubhouse”. This latest journey of ours – living in a college dorm apartment that is barely 800 square feet with 3 kids, 2 crazy parents and countless bikes and scooters – is full of many perks and many headaches. My 2016 goal was to be consistent in blogging as I enjoy the outlet and while I know that we are over halfway through the year and I haven’t posted in ages, I figure better late than never. As I transition to trying to blog at least weekly – I am also shifting to focus the blog on the craziness of raising three rowdy kiddos in a small apartment on a college campus. (and you know away from how my kids suck at sleeping) The “new” blog will hopefully focus on figuring out how maximize the little space we have, on making the Overlook dorm (or apartment as my husband claims) feel less like an Extended Stay hotel and more like our family home and how we adjust to having college kids as our neighbors and my husband’s place of employment as our playground. While I do believe that big love grows in small spaces, I also know that toys everywhere creates “zen” nowhere.

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