Welcome Back Neighbors


As many of you know or have pieced together, my lovely family of five lives in a college dorm on the campus where my husband coaches. My husband likes to correct me and say we live in an apartment, as if that makes 800 square feet (on a generous day) feel like a mansion. To his credit our “apartment” does has a lovely sign that says “Staff Apartment” outside of it, but for the record our bedrooms are numbered. 121A – home of me and youngest two kids, 121B home of the big kids’ beds and more often than not my husband…sleeping on peed up sheets.

When we moved into this lovely staff apartment, there were only a few short weeks before the college kids left for the summer. Once the college kids left, the building was rather quiet, the parking lot empty and the need to curb my children’s piercing screams minimized. However, we have returned from vacation to find our neighbors are back. Welcome back, college friends, welcome back.




Over the summer, we forgot about all the joys of having our neighbors here with us. In honor of their return I want to acknowledge all the joys they bring:

Fire Safety – While our neighbors were gone, we did not practice our monthly fire drills. Nope. Without them we had no one to set an alarm off at 9 PM on a Friday night. Without them I would not know how to safely exit a burning building with three sleeping children under the age of 4 by myself. Thanks, neighbors for always keeping us safe.

Street Safety – Things were getting a little loose over here in terms of street safety. During the summer, the kids had an entire empty parking lot to cruise around on their bikes and scooters. Thankfully, our friends and their 45 mph in parking lot driving skill have returned. Without them, Nola and Flynn would not know how to quickly get to the grass to avoid a head on collision. Thank you friends for reminding me that speed bumps are optional and driving skills are not fully obtained until you start considering a minivan.


Freshmen 15 – While our neighbors were gone, the dining hall had limited hours and limited options. Now that our friends are back I can easily skip out on cooking and feed myself copious amounts of creamy soup and jam packed burritos. However, even more exciting is that our baking and pastry friends have returned. As they walk back from class with a white box full of delicious “class assignments”, I can be certain a donut or cookie or Happy Anniversary practice cake will arrive at my door. And what better way to live like the freshmen than by gaining the freshmen 15 right alongside of them.

Although, summer was quiet and peaceful and a tad bit more safe on foot – the Boones are actually very excited to have our college neighbors and friends return. We weren’t quite sure what to do with all the quiet. We do well in chaos and insanity (and by well I mean we survive with lots of whining – adult and children whining that is). I enjoy waking at 3 AM to nurse Quince to the backdrop of thunder and college kids loudly screaming for their friend who is playing in the rain. While I am fairly certain this is not our long term plan in terms of living arrangements – it makes the most sense at the moment and I want to make sure to laugh through all the craziness and uniqueness that comes with raising a young family in a small dorm (or apartment depending on what Boone you ask) of a college campus.


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