Hello, Winter.

As many of you may know winter and I are not always happy to see each other. I tried really hard last year to embrace winter and pretty much met my goal of taking the kids outside everyday despite the temperature or amount of snow on the ground.

This past weekend we celebrated Nola’s birthday a little early. Unfortunately, we had an uninvited guest named Winter show up with a bunch of snow. We also had a flood, down trees and power outages that resulted in us currently having no home. Oh life how fun you are.


Anyway, now that winter is here on the horizon I am committed once again to ensure we are outside as much as possible. I know Flynn will be outside everyday because he attends a Waldrof school and they go outside no matter what. Just like I mentioned last year, it is crucial to dress appropriately. When my kids had on the right gear – they would play outside for hours – yes hours in the cold weather (especially Flynn).

As I prepped for last winter (and for school for Flynn this year), one graphic found on an adorable shops blog, Ella’s Wool, was super helpful in helping me dress my kids appropriately. This year I am so excited to work as ambassador for this awesome brand. I seriously love their stuff and am so happy they took the thinking out of dressing my kids for school and winter hikes/walks/snow playing, etc. The merino wool Layer set is not only totally functional and warm – it is also cute and classic and lasting multiple kids. Merino wool is really breathable and can really be worn throughout most of the year. It is great for the cooler fall months alone. The tubes are also a perfect second layer to throw on top of the base layer and keep everyone warm, comfy, but still adorable 🙂


Go check out the great products Ella’s Wool has to offer and stock up on some cozy layers. Being outside is crucial for this family – and while I won’t say I love being outside in the winter, I do know that dressing warmly has made it not only possible, but enjoyable 🙂

Also, use the coupon code Staywarm16/17 to receive a discount off your order 🙂






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