Another One Down


We just wrapped up Dominique’s second real season as the head coach up here. Prior to this, Dominique was a part time D2 assistant coach and I (wrongfully) assumed that now that he was just a full time coach things would be “easier” or at least flexible in our favor. However, I don’t think either of us anticipated the amount of overnight travel required for this conference with the average team being 5 hours away (don’t quote me on this, but I do know it’s not close haha). Nor did we (or at least me) account for things that small schools do not offer student athletes like priority scheduling and access to the cafeteria during breaks. These things may seem minor, but having to coach two teams (yah for just the guys team next year!!!) with late practice hours and figure out meals for kids for basically the month of January is tiring. Doable, but exhausting and often consumes the entire weekend life we live.


So for the past 5 months most weekends are spent on the road, solo parenting at home or attending home games and waiting around for D to figure out past game meals because the games are during cafeteria dinner hours and kids gotta eat. I often wish that I could be spending this season maximizing the benefits of where we live – taking the kids regularly to ski or be out skating on the lake or snowshoeing. While we occasionally get to dabble in the winter greatness of our town, it is rare. I am not yet capable of taking all four kids alone. The thought of figuring out how to load car is daunting enough – let alone putting on gear and getting the kids on the mountain. I may be awesome, but not that awesome.

So we make the best of it and we make different types of memories. We travel with the team and do post game activities like jump at Sky Zone. We survive team dinners sometimes where the kids are being awesome and other times were Nola has to exit stage right a tad early for being insane. We swim in hotel pools and play in college gyms from Maine to Brooklyn. We experience the “joy” of team bus rides and the thrill of hotel breakfast. And sometimes we are inside playing and baking and praying Dad will walk through the door so I can shower in peace.  And while I personally would much rather be watching my kids ski down mountains in the quest of being the next Lindsey Vonn, my kids do not know the difference. They just know we are together, we are happy and we are having fun.

Don’t get me wrong – I am exhausted, and I think D is too. It is not easy entertaining four kids 5 and under in a hotel room for a few hours while your husband is at a awards banquet or team walk through. It is not easy entertaining said 4 kids in the stands during games and dealing with split popcorn and kids who have a death wish in the bleachers. (D actually asked me if I got pictures of the kids in the stands after the last game. I nearly died how little he knows about what goes on over there :)) However, I do know that this time is short. Next year we will most likely have at least one kid in “traditional” school, where people may not be too fond of us missing a Friday or Monday so we can go with Dominique. Next year, I may not be able to manage a walking Navi and crazy Quince during games, even home games where we have our “setup”. Next year, I may have lost my mind and moved in with Nan during the season. One will never know. Until then I share a glimpse into the life of a coach’s kid and while they sacrifice a lot of time with their Dad, they also get a lot of great memories!


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