Boones Find a Pump Track


This is what everyone wears to ride in dirt, right?

When Dominique goes out of town recruiting I am often faced with a few choices – hang at home with the kids for a few days, tag along and navigate hotel life with 4 kids or if the event is “somewhat” near my parents head there while he heads to a childfree bed and continental breakfast at Hampton Inn. There is no “perfect” option here, but I usually try to weigh all the factors before making a last minute call.


This is what Dominique sent me when I asked how things were going.  Me: Looks like your heaven Dominique: Uh this is called work.


This weekend Dominique was headed a few hours from my parents’ house and we were headed to the Outer Banks shortly after so we made the journey to our old stomping area – Bucks County. Heading to the Philadelphia area fills us with a ton of different kid activities – from countless playgrounds and libraries to parks and indoor “fun” spaces. When we got home on Thursday evening I just had a feeling we could find a “pump track” for my kids. They have been dying to try one out since the dirt track at Tupper Lake’s Bike Rodeo (two years ago). Low and behold my google search found a brand new one just 20 minutes or so from my parents!


Within 30 seconds of arriving, Flynn deemed this bad boy the greatest place on earth and asked to have his birthday party there. (Whose making the trip 6 hour trip from the Adirondacks for this. Anyone?)  All three “big” kids were able to ride the track with basically no assistance. We had the place to ourselves, which was great because Quince made up his own direction based on the best hills and added a fun challenge for the big kids of not knocking him over. After about an hour of riding, the kids wandered over to a decent playground packed with kids who were floating between playground and swim club nearby.


For anyone in the Bucks-ish area, the pump track at Fanny Chapman Pool park area is worth the drive. The pump track is located right behind the playground area and is surrounded by paved trails, which make for added biking fun. Now to figure out how to build this bad-boy near Saranac Lake!


Mother, where is my bike?

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