Woom 1 Balance Bike – Is it Worth It?


If you follow my instagram you 1. probably know I am insane and over post my life and 2. See Quince flying around on his little yellow Woom Balance Bike. This bike is Quince’s most prized possession and heaven forbid someone else try to ride it. His reaction flips between 100% freakout to frantically finding something else to give the person so they get off his bike. While he may have mastered balance bike riding – he has not mastered sharing. Priorities people Priorities.

Anyway, I hopped on this dusty old site of mine because I have received quite a few messages asking about the Woom Bike and if it is worth it. I am going to focus on Quince’s Woom Balance bike, but will note we also have a Woom 2 (Nola’s) that she is basically outgrown, but also HIGHLY recommend.

So the Woom Balance Bike. Yes it is worth it. Yes I know it is $200. ($199 if you are getting technical).

We purchased this bike for Quince when he was just over a year old. I ordered it on Amazon because I had some giftcards and if you use an Amazon CC got 5% back. That said you can also order direct from the site for the same price. I went for the Woom for Quince for two reasons 1. We had a Woom 2 and really really loved it and 2. It had one of the lowest standover height of all the balance bikes and was rather lightweight. Since Quince was tiny I wanted him to be able to ride easily from the get-go.

When we first got the bike, Quince would stand on it and move a little. I will admit he got a tad nervous after he tipped once and he reverted back to preferring his scooter. However, when his scooter mysteriously went missing, he hopped back on the bike and was cruising pretty proficiently within days. While a lot of this is access (and temperament), I also believe his comfort on the bike (closeness to the ground and the distance to the handlebars) helped him quickly master the skills needed to cruise. How light the bike is, is not only great for when Quince wonders off and leaves me to carry the bike home :),  but also because he is able to complete long rides and big hills pretty easily. Yesterday he rode on a trail for almost 2 miles with zero complaints and got his bike up some steep hills independently. He also is learning about hand brakes early, which I will be honest wasn’t a dealbreaker for me in a balance bike, BUT is a great addition.

So if you are in the market for a balance bike, we highly recommend the Woom 1 and find it is worth the high price tag. Quince is not one to “care nicely” for his bike, but it is still in impeccable shape and ready for Navi as soon as she decides that walking is a good idea. If you have a bigger kid, there also is a new Woom 1 Plus which is a slightly higher standover and has a cruiser board. We have zero need for this bike right now, but I know my bigger kids would love it just to play around on because they still find balance bikes a good time – even though they have been on a two wheeler for some time now.

I also am going to note for anyone who doesn’t plan on passing the bike down – I have seen a Woom 1 balance bike go for $150 on a local site, but easily can make half your money back because people are always on the search for a used Woom, since they never go on sale. You can purchase an upcycle program through Woom, where you can return the bike and apply the money to the next size up bike. They use those upcycles bikes to donate to local schools and community events which is awesome! I like supporting good people!

So if you have any questions feel free to comment or hop on over to Boonesoncampus on IG and shoot us a message. You can also see Quince in action over on Instagram.

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