Woolie Season Has Begun

Ella's wool tubes

I am not really sure how it happened, but the Boone Family has made it three years up here in the Adirondack Mountains. I was certain I would have runaway by now, but more and more I am accepting this is our home – be it for three more months or three more years. And while I know come January I am going to regret being so positive, but I am not even dreading winter. I mean I dread March-May, but winter I can handle. And I mostly believe that is because we have learned to dress for winter success up here. We have our layering system down and have found the coats, boots, base layers, socks, hats, gloves, etc that keep us toasty … even when we spend our kindergarten days in the forest.


One of our favorite and most perfect finds has been Ella’s Wool. These wool base layers and mid layer tubes are our go-to favorites. We have had various pieces for a few years now and while some pants have torn through the knees – compared to any other wool we own they have held up the best. They also are softer and thicker than any other brand we own – and we have quite a few varieties in our wardrobe.

I believe in a few months some more base layers will be releasing. We have found the color base layers like Quince is wearing below run slightly small. Quince can easily wear the 2-4 or have the 4-6 size. However, the adorable gray tank sets run true to size, in our experience. Now that Flynn has sadly switched (and hopefully not for long) from his Waldorf school to regular public school, the tank is perfect to layer underneath for warmth when they do get to go outside, but also not too warm for the class. They also are one of the kids favorite sets to wear at night. In these fall months, the kids have just been wearing their baselayer woolies with a vest or sweatshirt, but as it gets colder they are perfect underneath a warm mid layer.


The tubes Quince wears below are excellent mid layers. The waist is stretchy and the bottoms can be rolled up or down to make them last a good amount of time. Navi has been wearing the 9-18 months, however, we also have squeezed Quince into the same pair the past few weeks, but he is comfortably wearing the 18-3 years. Both bigger kids still can rock our 3-5 year tubes, but Flynn is for sure most comfortable in a 5-7 years.

While any set of woolies can be investment, I have found Ella’s Wool┬áto hold up through multiple kids, washes and the active play that my guys get into.

Use my link here and the code FW89 for 10% off your order.






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