Quit Thanking Summer for a Great Time…It isn’t Over!


Dear Everyone,

I know you just had to spend $213.54 at Target on school supplies that in a few months will be lost, torn up, dried up or worst case most likely case sitting there unused. I also know that many pools are closed or have shortened hours. Additionally, I know that jeans and sweaters make for cute outfits. However, my good friends who have packed up their swimsuits despite this being the hottest week in forever, in a few months you are going to be crying about the Artic Blast. And the fact that leaving your house is a colossal nightmare. And that your back hurts wallet hurts from paying that teenage kid $30 yet again to shovel some snow. And that your face is pale, your nose red and your hands chapped.


So I am writing this is as a lovely PSA. To individuals and groups alike. SUMMER IS NOT OVER. Warm weather is still here. People still love concerts in the park and enjoying cocktails poolside. Sandals are still cute and dresses still fun. Sure, you may have to ensure your kids complete their homework and make it on time to their 900 activities, so your “summering” probably has to slow down a bit. The rest of us people without kids in school, we shall be ashamed. We don’t need to purchase new copybooks (although I really want too). The sand is still there. The sun still shining. Resist the urge to pack up the swimwear even if you had one too many hot dogs this summer. Stop pinning fall meals and start planning a weekend BBQ. Sure football season is fun, but it is also fun in November. And you know what is not fun in November. Swimming outside. So quit rushing in to fall because friends fall is the season that comes before winter. and winter is the season of hell with a splash of Christmas to make it bearable.


If you are reading this thinking Wow she is so right, I need to save summer. Let me share with you some ideas.

1. Go to the beach. Plan a weekend getaway, stop by for an afternoon in the sun. I don’t care how long, how far, just go. The water is incredibly warm, the beaches perfectly unpacked and the stores/restaurants are usually still open.

2. Plan a BBQ. People’s summers are usually jammed packed and it hard to get everyone together. However, in September and October people are usually not on vacation (unless they followed step 1) and are looking for a good way to enjoy the outdoors. Hot dogs still exist in October, although I am sure you can check your summer pinterest board for countless unused summer recipes to spice things up.

3. Don’t pack up your summer clothes just yet. You will thank me when it is 95 degrees in September and you are sloshing around sweating to death in your jeans and favorite sweater. You will also thank me in January when you are over wearing that favorite sweater.

4. Write to your local people that shutting down Summer Music Series and other such events the week before Labor Day is really lame and that they should continue the events through the fall. And to the poor sucker who has to organize and work these, well sorry. You can rest in the winter when there is nothing to do, but rest. In the cold.

5. Attend outdoor events with a mission. A mission to prove to said organizers that is worth their time and efforts to continue hosting events. Thank you Spruce Street Harbor Popup for extending yourself for another month. Now people GO. GO A LOT! Send the message that summer is not over and we will like to be outdoors.



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