Thinking for Two


You forgot about your future kids, hahaha.

When I was pregnant with Flynn and registering for gifts, I read every review known to man. I read Amazon reviews, Consumer Reports, blogs, Parents Magazines and on and on and on. What one person deemed the greatest thing ever was another person’s waste of money. For every excellent consumer reports rating there were 15 people on Amazon saying it almost killed their child, or at least caused a third eye. Does Flynn really need the organic mattress and what is the difference between the Bjourn and the Ergo? Despite spending hours upon hours, making lists and reading reviews, I never once thought about what products would last not just Flynn, but all the babies we planned on having. Dominique and I always said we wanted a lot of kids, however, we never once factored that in to the decisions about what baby products to buy.

Now that Baby #2 is here I realize that we now need to upgrade to products that can handle a toddler and a newborn. Since many new moms out there are doing just what Dominique and I did for months on end, I figured I would share a few products we wished we would have planned and purchased to prep for the multiple kids we wanted.

The Stroller


Love this stroller, but where will Nola Go ūüė¶


The Double

We love our stroller. We also have a decent double stroller that we bought for the nanny back when we did a nanny share. However, I find that double stroller way to big and really wish I would have gone with a convertible stroller like the UppaBaby Vista or the Baby Jogger City Select. We are now debating between the UppaBaby with the Rumble Seat or the City Select with the two. Had I been thinking past our first baby, I would have skipped the Mamas and Papas (as much as I love that stroller) and went for the Uppababy to prevent needing to buy a new stroller so soon.

The Monitor


Who needs a monitor when we sleep like this?

When we first registered for a baby monitor, I was like I don’t really need one with a camera. That seems a little much. Then the first time I tried to use the monitor, it was impossible to hear Flynn crying. So we returned the monitor to Amazon and then never bought a new one since Flynn found a nice cozy space in my bed and was content to nap in the living room in his little Baby Home. ¬†This past summer when we moved to Philadelphia and started having Flynn nap (and eventually sleep) in his crib, we figured it was time to get a monitor. I picked up a First Years video monitor that was on sale at Target and have had no complaints…until Nola arrived and loves to sleep in while we are all downstairs. Currently, I move the monitor between rooms or use an Ipad app when both are sleeping at the same time. Once again, would have just been easier to think about multiple young kids and ordered a monitor that can easily add a camera.

Cloth Diapers


Nola can rock a blue cloth diaper that says handsome, right?

This is one area where we thought long term. We figured we would be able to use the diapers for multiple kiddos and therefore were willing to make the investment in Charlie Banana¬†diapers. However, what we didn’t think about was poor Nola having to wear cloth diapers that say Handsome on them or are royal blue with rocketships clearly designed for a boy. Since both kiddos are wearing cloths right now, I did find some gender neutral numbers (and one pink one) on sale at Target to add to the stash. However, poor Nola still has to rock some boy colors and any future baby will inherit whatever diapers survive these two.

I guess one place we lucked out is Flynn loves himself some gender neutral pants so Nola will be set for months to come!


Yep. Definitely gender-neutral.